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Living with nature

Spider group Pitomača is affiliated business system that operates with cultivation, processing of medicinal and aromatic plants and equipping of teas.

Products based on medicinal and aromatic plants are distributed on the domestic and foreign markets for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our partners are factories teas and pharmaceutical industry, which based on medicinal and aromatic plants continue to produce their own products or use our services equipping its products.

Spider group Pitomača consists of the companies Jan-Spider Ltd. (Processing of medicinal and aromatic plants, production of tea,), Herbarium Ltd. (Production of final products – tea infusions), Biofarma Ltd. (ECO cultivation of medicinal plants, pumpkins oilseeds, industrial hemp, livestock, other agricultural products), Đolta Ltd. (Cultivation of medicinal plants in cooperation and purchase) connected in a unique concept of production “from farm to the fork”. The whole process of cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants to the final products is enclosed within its own capacity and the guarantee of the quality and unique product experience is ensured for all of users of products and services.


Spider group Pitomača has implemented certified ECO (BIO) cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, animals, pumpkin oil and other agricultural products. Organic (BIO) production of final products – fruit and herbal tea infusions, edible oils and other products is controlled ih every step of cultivation and processing. Organic (BIO) production is carried out in a sustainable production on controlled fields and processing units.

Spider Group is a leading regional producer and processor of medicinal and aromatic plants and products based on medicinal herbs.

The headquarter of the Spider group is in Pitomača, Virovitica. Management and majority owners make members of Nemčević family.

Quality control


The establishment of the Jan-spider d.o.o.


Start of production, purchasing and processing of medicinal plants, the export of the chamomile (Matricaria chamomillae) abroad


The implementation of quality management system ISO 9001:2000 2006 – the establishment of the company Herbarium d.o.o.


Founded the Association producers of medicinal and aromatic plant JAN-SPIDER


The implementation of Quality Management System ISO 22000:2005, HACCP food safety, production of natural medicines based on medicinal herbs GMP 2008 – the establishment of the company Đolta d.o.o.


The implementation of quality management systems for cultivation GLOBAL GAP


The beginning of Spider group Pitomača


Implementation of SAP business system; development of new brand of premium BIO teas and edible oils GARDENOLO


Change in company Board; implementation of IFS FOOD v6 with HIGH LEVEL score


Finalization of investment cycle for expansion of production