Terms and conditions

As the owner of Internet site www.spidergrupa.hr and all of the linked domains, these general conditions of use are prescribed from Spider grupa d.o.o., Petra Preradovica 183, 33405 Pitomaca CROATIA. Visitor of the interent site www.spidergrupa.hr (later in text: Site) is any person that accesses the Internet domains that are linked to the content of the Site and in the same time this person is using the content placed on Site by accepting these General Terms of Use.

Terms of use and acceptable ways of behavior when visiting the Site and its services have been prepared in order to protect visitors of the Site and other Internet visitors from disturbing and illegal activities. All relations between Spider grupa d.o.o. and visitors who are not specifically regulated by these General Terms and Conditions shall apply to the appropriate current regulations and laws of the Republic of Croatia. The following terms of use ensures visitors for themselves and other visitors more pleasant and productive use of the Site.

1. General Conditions

1.1. The visitors use the Site and Internet at their own risk. Spider grupa d.o.o. makes no warranties and assumes no liability for damages suffered of the visitors by using the services of Internet and the Site.

1.2. The Internet is an international computer network on which Spider grupa d.o.o. is only connected and therefore cannot guarantee availability of services that do not directly control.

2. Content of communication (information and data accessed by the visitor)

2.1. Spider grupa d.o.o. provides access to data stored on servers or obtained through Spider grupa d.o.o.’s Internet service provider. The visitor is responsible for evaluation and is subject to risks related to the content, accuracy and usefulness of the information delivered with the Internet or the Site.

2.2. The visitor agrees that Spider grupa d.o.o. reserves the right at any time and without notice to limit or terminate access to its services, if such usage of the visitor is categorized as illicit purpose or illicit intent. The visitor agrees that Spider grupa d.o.o. is not responsible for any damage caused by limiting or discontinuing service provision due to unacceptable and banned use. Inappropriate or illicit use of the Site among other things considered is in particular:

a. Illegal content – visitor is not allowed to publish or broadcast information that violates existing laws and regulations.

b. False information – The visitor agrees not to publish or broadcast information which he/she knows or should know to be false, and its use could cause damage to other visitors.

c. False advertising – Visitor shall not publish or communicate promotional materials containing false information, misleading statements or claims. The visitor agrees not to send or transmit to the other visitors, subscribers, or other Internet visitors or visitors of mobile devices advertisements or promotional material without their consent or request, and they will not publish it at the places that are not appropriate for such materials.

d. Publication, broadcasting or sending protected content – visitor is not allowed to publish personal or confidential information about persons, businesses, services or other subjects. The visitor agrees not to publish, send or communicate offensive content.

e. Misrepresentation – Visitor agrees that they will not misrepresent himself/herself while using the Site.

f. Chain letters – The visitor agrees not to publish, send or forward contents that offer services or products in the form of chain letters

g. Inappropriate content – visitor agrees not to publish content in inappropriate places and inappropriate forms.

2.3. Visitor is obliged not to use the services and servers in any way that could jeopardize their normal functioning of the Site and its hardware.

2.4. Spider grupa d.o.o. has the right, in cases of suspected abuse, to control the content that visitors placed on its servers. Spider grupa d.o.o. can ensure the removal of content that are contrary to these General Terms and Conditions.

2.5. Spider grupa d.o.o. has the right to distribute to the registered visitors by e-mail, SMS or by writing to inform its registered visitors about changes in services, new services, service improvements, and other information related to the use of the Site.

3. Security facilities and other rights

3.1. Visitor agrees to use information with the value in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Croatian law.

4. Termination of access

4.1. Spider grupa d.o.o. can and will terminate access to the use of the Site without notice, only if the visitor’s behavior is contrary to the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

4.2. In other cases, with notice and an explanation to the visitor, Spider grupa d.o.o. has the right to terminate use of the Site.

4.3. Spider grupa d.o.o. će pod jednakim uvjetima svojim korisnicima pružiti neometan i slobodan pristup uslugama Stranica.

4.3. Spider grupa d.o.o. will provide to its visitors free and undisturbed access to the services of the Site.

5. Privacy Policy

5.1. Spider grupa d.o.o. guarantees its visitors that the information gathered through the browsing experience will not be given, assigned or sold to third parties. Data that’s left is not available to individuals outside Spider grupa d.o.o..

5.2. Spider grupa d.o.o. the Site features links to other websites that Spider grupa d.o.o. does not maintain and which are not part of the Site. In the case of visiting those places Spider grupa d.o.o. cannot guarantee data protection to its visitors as Spider grupa d.o.o. does not maintain these sites and is not responsible for their content.

Spider Group collects and processes personal data lawfully in the manner of a diligent businessman and transparently in accordance with positive regulations and at the same time using appropriate and sufficient technical and organizational measures aimed at protecting personal data from unauthorized access and misuse. Data collected for specific, explicit and lawful purposes will be collected exclusively to the extent necessary and processed in a manner consistent with those justified purposes. The Spider Group will endeavor to collect accurate data that will be corrected, deleted or updated if necessary or at the request of the data subject. The collected data will be kept for as long as necessary with regard to the purpose for which they were collected and taking into account the deadlines in accordance with the applicable regulations. Spider Group will collect and process personal data only in cases where this is permitted by the regulations:

Where processing is necessary to comply with legal obligations

When the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data

Where processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is a party or to take action at the request of the data subject prior to the conclusion of the contract

Where processing is necessary to protect the essential interests of the data subject or of another person

Where processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests of the Company or affiliates

Spider Group believes that it is important to emphasize that the protection of personal data is important to all users and data subjects involved in the scope and for this justified reason the types of personal data, management and justified use of the same are listed

Collection and use of personal data

Personal data is information that identifies visitors and persons related to the Spider Group directly or indirectly, such as personal name, e-mail, phone number, IP address or postal address. The Company does not collect personal data unless the person expressly requests and submits such data (e.g. by joining loyalty programs, when applying to an electronic newsletter, participating in surveys, contests and prize games, ordering samples or brochures, requesting donations and when requesting information, applying for job vacancies or open job candidate offers). This provision applies to all Internet content prepared by spider group Pitomača with affiliates, and this includes all platforms or directly sent postal items or personally submitted documentation. Personal data is stored, used or transmitted to the extent – content and time – required in a particular case (the above mentioned and as examples we highlight responses to inquiries, requests, results of selection, contests or prize games, information about products and services). Spider gurpa in some cases must transfer personal data to other companies within affiliates or to external service providers for further processing. Service providers can be engaged in the context of call center services, sending goods, distributing advertising material or for organizing and conducting prize games, selection process. Spider Group requires all involved to comply with legal regulations, compliance with guidelines and instructions, and compliance with internal rules on the protection of personal data. Any other transfer of personal data requires the explicit consent of the data subject beforehand. Spider Group responsibly claims that it will not sell or lend personal information to a third party outside the business system. Spider Group undertakes to provide personal data to the competent public authority if required by law or other binding regulation in the case when spider group has to do so according to a valid order issued by an authorized third party.

Use of Personal Data for advertising and marketing purposes

When the data subject submits consent to the use of his or her own personal data for advertising and marketing purposes, such data will be stored and used for these purposes through the channel for which the data subject has given consent Submitted personal data can be used when creating and maintaining a user profile, which would ensure individual receipt of advertisements and promotions. Such collected personal data will, if necessary, be used to analyze and improve the efficiency of internet services, advertising, marketing, market research and sales steps.

Removal of consent - right to data

Consent to the use of personal data submitted by the data subject arbitrarily, knowingly and with a clear intention may be removed in whole or in part at any time. Upon receipt of the request for the removal of consent, such data will be deleted within a reasonable period of time and the data subject will be informed. If such data do not exist and have not been retained for acceptable use, the data subject shall be informed thereof within a reasonable period of time. The request is addressed to the email address of the Personal Data Protection Officer, by post to the registered address of the company's registered office with all the necessary content that is essential for the processing of such a Request.

Children and minors

Spider Group does not collect information about children and minors who visit websites edited by Spider group Pitomača with affiliated societies. In the event that personal data about children and/or minors who have been transferred to the Spider Group without the consent of their parents and/or legal guardians appears – such data will be permanently deleted as soon as possible – all according to legal provisions, parent and/or guardian guidelines and technical capabilities.
Sigurnost podataka
Spider grupa je prema dostupnim mogućnostima i nužnim potrebama uvela tehničke, pisane i organizacijske mjere kojima pokušava spriječiti gubitak, izmjenu, krađu ili pristup osobnim podacima ispitanika od neovlaštenih osoba, kompanija ili treće strane. 

Updating and editing

Spider Group expresses the right to modify or update parts of the data at any time and without prior notice. Notices of changes will be published on the website with the date on which such amendment was made.

Limitation of Liability

Spider Group points out that with all the technical, written and organizational measures implemented, it cannot fully guarantee the absolute protection of the collected personal data of the data subject and taking into account the above, does not assume partial or complete responsibility, on any grounds, for cases of unauthorized access, change or disclosure of the collected personal data of the data subject. This is especially true for cases that were discovered accidentally, contrary to the provisions of these above rules.

Cookie policy / cookies

Spider group Pitomača points out that it is possible that content related to improving the experience of browsing content and / or technical prerequisites for the use of Internet content that visitors view when visiting the Spider group Pitomača website with affiliated companies will be transferred to the computer or device of the visitor. The user will be informed about such content and will be considered that by accepting it he has given consent to download such content, i.e. by rejecting the acceptance he will not be banned from accessing the content, and Spider group Pitomača points out that in this case the displayed content may differ in quality and scope from what was intended and prepared by accepting the download. This technology is common and depends on technological progress and appropriate use on the Internet. Spider Group may use Google Analytics services to customize the content and use of the services on the Internet, and is not responsible for damages caused by the use of third-party services. All visitors can be informed about the details of the use of this technology by entering the term cookies / cookies into the Internet browser.



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