Denis Nemcevic wins the award “European Champions of Business Champions”

Denis Nemcevic, president of the Board of the Spider Group Pitomaca, received the “European Champions of Business Champions“ awarded by the European Independent Agency for the Selection of the Managers and companies for BiH, Southeast and Central Europe.

The jury selection of the Independent European Agency is based on outstanding management results and business development of the company, where Denis Nemčević as the president of the Board of Spider Group Pitomaca is recognized as one of the most successful managers in the region.

The Spider group Pitomaca has invested almost 15.000.000,00 Kn in modernization of production lines and storage capacities in the last 3 years. These investments were extremely significant and ensured business growth, especially in exports and significantly boosted competitiveness on the world market.
na svjetskom tržištu.

Looking at the period five years ago, the Spider group Pitomaca recorded steady growth in exports. One of the strategic goals is to strengthen the position of the Spider Group Pitomaca as a leading manufacturer and processor of medicinal and aromatic herbs and tea producer in the wider Eastern European region.
Spider group Pitomaca, since the foundation of the parent company Jan-spider d.o.o. 26 years ago, has developed into a recognizable company with the highest quality standards for product manufacturing.